The Spark In Me 

We all have that one thing inside of us that keeps us going. Something that we keep doing even when it gets difficult. It's a rare form of therapy for us. It's our spark.

Art Director: Molly McCarvill

Producer: Emma Cross

Editor(s): Molly McCarvill, Austin Deshayes, Emma Cross

Cinematographer: Austin Deshayes


*Award: Richmond Ad Show

ScreamFest Horror Film Festival is the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States. People from all over go to the festival to find fear, but in reality, it's fear that finds you.

AD: Molly McCarvill

AD: Ariana Safari

CW: Kelley Bode

CW: Sean Johnson

Amazon Alexa | Cardi B

We took Amazon Alexa's 2018 Super Bowl commercial and decided to extend it. We thought we'd give these Alexa stand ins a chance to teach their crafts. Cardi B went first. #TeachMeHowToRap

AD: Molly McCarvill

AD: Arthur Olivarez

XD: Brit Kern

XD: Ray Zhang

Ghost Getters

*Campus MovieFest: 'Campus Best Picture' 

Campus MovieFest stopped by Virginia Tech for a week, so I gathered my team of highly competent investigator friends. We decided it was the perfect time to prove to the world that the Virginia Tech Performing Arts building was haunted.

Director: Molly McCarvill

Editor: Molly McCarvill, Austin Deshayes

Cinematographer: Austin Deshayes

Documentary coming soon.


AD: Molly McCarvill

AD: Arthur Olivarez 

AD: Kristen DeBarros