Tomcat Press n' Set Mouse Traps

Product: A very effective mouse trap.

Insight: Mice have miserable lives and they deserve better.

Concept: Tomcat is the mercy killing mice deserve.

Tag: Kills on impact, for their sake.

In-store / Packaging
Product Extensions
Glow In The Dark Ceiling Mice
After reading All Mice Go to Heaven to your children they might tell you that they miss the mice, so we enclosed some glowing angel mice to put on their ceiling to remind them that the mice are in a better place.
Children's Book
With all the mice you'll be killing you're children might come to you with questions about death and the meaning of life. We wrote a book to explain it all to them.
The Last Supper Death Pellets 
When setting a trap people often use too much bait. The mice grab a bit and move on. But with these new Last Supper Death Pellets there will always be just enough bait for a final meal.
AD: Molly McCarvill
CW: Lauren Jones