ScreamFest Film Festival

ScreamFest Film Festival is the largest and longest running horror film festival in the United States.

People from all over go to this festival to find fear, but in reality, it's fear that finds them.

Richmond Ad Show Winner
Bronze Cannonball - Broadcast-TV - Student Category, 2017


Elevator Video

(360° immersive video display)

As you go up a floor, she goes up a floor...getting closer and closer to you.

Will she make it to you?

What will happen when she does?

Bus Video


Taking the bus was already scary. And now that augmented reality windows show zombies chasing you? Terrifying.


Fear can't be contained in the ScreamFest site. It follows you. Once is enough though. It's creepy, not annoying.

Social Campaign

A social campaign calls those in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to find one of our creepy eyes stickers around town. They can take an Instagram photo with it using #FearFoundMe for a chance to win a free pass.

Influencer Package
AD: Molly McCarvill
AD: Ariana Safari
CW: Kelley Bode
CW: Sean Johnson