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fine. Gift Wrapping​

A line of passive aggressive wrapping paper guaranteed to make you feel better and subtle enough that the recipient [probably] won't notice.

My lovely friend + copywriter Ross and I both got fed up with all the money we were expected to spend on occasions we didn’t ask to be a part of. 

We loved the people we were bestowing these gifts upon so we sucked it up, but we also wanted a fun way to get that frustration out.

Hot Topic knows that teenagers are passionate about making this world we live in better and that many of them are frustrated with not yet being politically able to make a difference. So we provided them with a list of activities they could participate in that could be just as influential to an election as actual voting. 

I made some cute monsters to help kids sleep better.

Elmer's is all about that creative learning and they're ready to fight to keep creativity in your kid's school.