We're the Lone Wolf Sock Company, creators, makers, and advocates of the solo sock. The Lone Wolf Sock is the sock that requires no better half. It's the sock that exists in perfect harmony with itself. Lone Wolf Sock Company was founded in the belief that predetermined sock pairings are a ghastly imposition of the capitalist society and should be eliminated altogether.  

Buy a single sock.


Pair them however you please. 

Food Items:

It's not weird to have food on your feet.

It's weird not to have food on your feet.


Your support to for eco-friendly world starts here. Show your enthusiasm for an environment free of toxic waste with feet covered in trash.


That call it the last frontier. 

We call it that too.

Hand Gestures:

Say what? Yes, your feet can finally speak for you thanks to us.

90s Toys:

The throwback of the throwbacks these one-hit-wonders will have you choking on nostalgia. 

Clue Weapons:

We don't fine this category in need of an explanation.

It's Clue weapons. 

Pool Toys:

The irony of pool themed socks is that presumably your feet are dry while you're wearing them.

Staff Pairings:

Fellow lone wolves:

Arthur Olivarez

Danielle Ciccolo